Eggs, meats and delicatessen products

Coopérative Bœuf Gaspésie

Type of products : Individual cuts beef

Épicerie-Café Le Moulin

i restauranti commerce


Specialities : Regional Products

Ferme Bos G

Types of products : Yack meat and delicatessen products

Ferme Le Caprivore


Types of products : homemade sausage, cuts meat , goat terrines

Ferme Natibo

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Types of products : Fresh goat's cheese Le Cabrion, goat's cheese cruds

Ferme Paquet et Fils


Types of products : Fresh and preserves fruits and vegetables, meats and delicatessen products, breads and pastries, jams and jellies

L'Agneau de la Baie

Types of products : Lamb meat, 100 % lamb sausage

Les Bergeries du Margot

Type of product : Algae fed lamp

Les Cuisines Nicolas

i produits frais


Types of products : Homemade sausages

Poissonnerie-Boucherie Chez Cévic

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Specialities: Fish and seafood, broad range of products prepared on the premises

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