Fine grocery shops

Alexina Épicerie fine inc.

i restaurant i commerce


Specialities : Olive oils, spices, regional products, Quebec cheeses, organiic espresso coffee

Auberge L'Amarré

 i restaurant i commerce  


Healthy cuisine, bistro cuisine
Specialities : Breakfast, bistro cuisine

Boutique La Morue Verte du Manoir Le Boutillier

i restaurant i commerce


Specialities: Regional products, tea room

Café du Phare Cap Madeleine

i restaurant i commerce


Healthy and regional cuisine
Specialities: Home-made soup, smoked salmon bagels, smoked shrimps bagel, sandwich, smoked meat, home-made bread and pastries

Café-Boutique du Havre

i restaurant i commerce


Specialities: Regional products
Home-made products: fine pastries, waffles and coffee

Épicerie fine J.A. Moisan

i commerce


Specialities : Gaspesian products, regional products, cheeses, delicatessen products, tea

Épicerie fine Le Vert Pistache

i commerce


Specialities : Local products, yack meat, cooked food for infants, a wide variety of Quebec beers and cheeses

Fromagerie du Littoral

i commerce


Specialities : Cheeses Le Rayon d'or, La Perle du Littoral, L'Épave, Le P'tit Blanchon, fresh cheddar

Jack Crusoé Bistrot traiteur rural

i restaurant i commerce


Market cuisine
Specialities : Vacuum packed meals and wines to take away, privately imported wine

Le Marché des saveurs gaspésiennes

i restaurant i commerce


Specialities : Regional products, Québec and imported cheeses, delicatessen products, fine products, pastry of Pascale Malo

Les Délices de la Mer

i restaurant i commerce 


Specialities: Fish and seafood, healthy groceries, organic meat, artisanal delicatessen product, home-made products

Marché public de New Richmond

i commerce


Outdoor market, on saturdays in the summer period.

Marché public du Festival La Virée

i commerce


Biofood products, Gaspesian fine art and crafts, culinary demonstrations and samplings, food services, traditional musical performances

Microbrasserie Le Naufrageur

 i produits fraisi restaurant


Type de products : Beer on tap and bottled

Restaurant de l'Auberge Beauséjour

i restaurant i commerce i hebergement 


Gourmet cuisine • Charlyne Levesque (chef)
Specialities : Fish and seafood, duck breast

Restaurant de l'Auberge du Marchand

i restauranti commerce i hebergement 


Regional cuisine and bistro
Specialities : Fish, seafood and Gaspesian lamb

Restaurant L’Ancre du Site historique du Banc-de-Pêche-de-Paspébiac

i restaurant i commerce 


Regional cuisine and family
Speciality : Fish and seafood

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