Fine Food Tour

Set off to discover the gourmet pleasures of the Gaspé and meet the people who catch, gather and farm the products.

Eager to share their passion and know-how with you, the artisan producers and processors who make up the Find Food Tour welcome you to their establishments to show you their work, living environment and a variety of high quality products.

Create your own Fine Food Tour: Five tourism experiences

Use your GPS to take the Fine Food Tour!

You can now download the Fine Food Tour to your vehicle's ©Garmin navigation device. To download the file you need to install on your car's navigator, simply click this link: The new points will appear under the following heading, additional points of interest, appearing on your navigation device. All the information you'll need to install the file is posted on the download page.

This file also provides reference points for 42 members of the Gaspé Peninsula's Visual Arts and Fine Crafts Tour, as well as for 21 heritage establishments that hold membership in the Réseau muséal et patrimonial de la Gaspésie.

The members of Gaspésie Gourmande, the Gaspé Peninsula's Visual Arts and Fine Crafts Tour and the Réseau muséal et patrimonial included in the GPS file are identified by a number followed by:

  • the letter G in the case of Association Gaspésie Gourmande members (i.e.: 2G);
  • the letter A in the case of Gaspé Peninsula's Visual Arts and Fine Crafts Tour members (i.e.: 16A);
  • the letter M in the case of Réseau muséal et patrimonial de la Gaspésie members (i.e.: 46M).

On the download page you will also find a tour file compatible with Google Earth software. This file can be imported to your personal Google Maps reference list. Navigate safely!

Preparation of the GPS tour was supported with funding from Gaspé Peninsula regional county municipalities and local development committees.

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